World RNA Series

Upcoming Events in the World RNA Series

We have seen enormous strides in the developments and breakthroughs in RNA-based vaccines, RNA-based therapeutics and targeting RNA fields since the onset of the global pandemic. Keeping pace with the field's rapid advancements, the World RNA Series from Hanson Wade continues to provide unrivaled industry-focused events to help deliver safe and effective RNA therapies to patients faster.

Get a comprehensive overview of the upcoming events within the World RNA Series portfolio below. If you have any questions, get in touch at

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Strengthen Safe & Effective mRNA Pipelines of Vaccines & Therapeutics by Improving Cell Specific Payload Expression, Durability & Immunogenicity towards Accelerated Development & Regulatory Approvals

January 24 - 26 2023 | Berlin, Germany


Pioneer Novel Analytical & Biological Assays & Tools to Robustly Characterize Safety, Consistency & Efficacy of Your mRNA Therapeutics & Vaccines for Accelerated Approval

February 14 - 16 2023 | Boston, MA


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Accelerating Extrahepatic Delivery, CMC & Clinical Development of Targeted siRNA Therapeutics for Modular, Reproducible & Effective Gene Silencing Therapies Against Oncology, CNS, Rare Diseases & Beyond

March 21 – 23 2023 | Boston, MA



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Successfully Integrate Process Development Practices for Manufacturing From Bench to Bedside by Identifying Raw Materials for Scale-up of mRNA Drug Substance With Robust Analytical Validity

18-20 April 2023| Frankfurt, Germany



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Stay Ahead of the Curve with Novel RNA Therapeutics that Offer Exceptional Stability & Durability Whilst Addressing Key Delivery, Pharmacology & Scalability Challenges to Successfully Translate Safe & Effective Next Generation RNA Therapeutics into the Clinic

Returning May 2023 | Boston, MA


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Successfully Characterizing, Robustly Optimizing Formulation & Advancing the Design of Future Exosome Based, Lipid Nanoparticles & Polymeric-Based Vectors for Targeted Delivery of RNA Vaccines & Therapeutics

Returning June 2023 | Boston, MA


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Harnessing Disruptive mRNA-Based Technologies to Supercharge Safe, Effective & Globally Accessible Therapeutics & Vaccines in Infectious Diseases, Oncology & Beyond

Returning July 2023 | Boston, MA


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Overcome mRNA Process Scale Up & Manufacturing Hurdles towards Regulatory Harmonization by Optimizing In Vitro Transcription, Purification & Analytical Validation of Your mRNA Drug Substance

Returning September 2023 | Boston, MA



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Harnessing & Engineering the Therapeutic & Functional Delivery Capabilities of Extracellular Vesicles Through Optimized Characterization, Translation & Scale Up Manufacturing for Accelerated Clinical Development

October 4-6 | Boston, MA


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Build Robust Discovery & Pre-Clinical Pipelines of RNA Targeted Small Molecules with Improved Selectivity & Drug-Like Properties for Successful Translation into Clinical Development

December 13-15 | Boston, MA