Workshop B: Leveraging Opportunities & Overcoming Challenges for the Design & Development of Multivalent mRNA Products

Time: 11:00 am
day: Pre Conference Workshop Day


Multivalent and universal mRNA-based vaccines have entered clinical development, offering a one-stop solution to a long-standing issue. However, at present, there is uncertainty surrounding how current solutions to bring these vaccines and therapeutics from bench to bedside can be integrated into the manufacturing processes, to ensure regulatory compliance without compromising process efficiency. This workshop will facilitate discussions to better understand this challenge and visualize the future of these medicines that are fully integrated into the manufacturing process

  • How to maximize process efficiency for each application, every drug modality and every therapeutic indication
  • How to design multiple antigen sequence and transcripts, and implications for large scale production
  • How to overcome bottlenecks for formulation changes and release testing, and formulation change for multivalent flu vaccine cocktails