Your Roadmap for mRNA Process Development & Manufacturing with Optimized Purification, Process Analytics & Enhanced Formulation to Improve Cost-Effectiveness & Scalability into the Clinic & Beyond

September 17-19, 2024 | Boston, MA

Accelerate, Scale & Economize Your mRNA Process Development & Manufacturing

As the mRNA field continues to surge with the first non-COVID approval from Moderna, the 3rd mRNA Process Development & Manufacturing Summit returns to Boston this September - poised to address the industry's most prevalent bottlenecks of speed, cost of production, and limited flexibility. This is your chance to expedite your mRNA drugs to the clinic and beyond with efficient production, regardless of scale.

30+ expert speakers from the likes of Moderna, Pfizer, Sanofi and BioNTech will take center stage to help you optimize IVT reactions, implement high throughput process development, scale up mRNA synthesis and purification, optimize drug product formulation and much more.

Dive into two content tracks dedicated to Research Scale and IND Enabling & Clinical Scale mRNA production with sessions spanning the mRNA process chain from pDNA synthesis to mRNA drug product formulation, designed to help your team accelerate workflows at eachstage, and across all scales of mRNA production.

Network with 180+ VPs, Directors and Heads of Process Development, In Vitro Transcription, CMC, MSAT and more as we seek to set manufacturing frameworks, and enable you to support your R&D and analytical teams to supercharge safe and effective mRNA drugs from research into the clinic and beyond.


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